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The Success Express

An intimate LIVE group program for Successful Women who are ready to be not just Rich but also Fulfilled and Confident Badass in their private and professional life.



I took a month off this summer, I quit my old job… I take steps toward the life I want and deserve

"I think that without Natalia's help, I would still be very depressed. It was that push, that key to open the door for me. I took a month off this summer, I quit my old job… I simply made moves and steps toward what I wanted and finally felt that I deserved it. I showed the universe that I believe it now too, that I am amazing and unique and that I deserve the best, and am not setting for less. I love myself now. Every bit of it including all my flaws. I understand them now, I accepted them, I welcomed them and now we live in peace and harmony."


You know SUCCESS is an INSIDE job

I’m here to show you a proven roadmap to be successful from the inside out by eliminating all mental blockages on your way without spending years in therapy.


Imagine yourself 6 months from now...

You wake up happy. Feeling amazing with who you are. You’re so confident your own mother doesn’t recognize you. Your life is exactly as you dreamed it.


Maybe you’re packing for your 6-week Holidays in the Maldives, and of course, you fly in first class.  


Or you celebrate starting your dream business or taking the one you have to the next level


Or that mature soulmate next to you is smiling at you and you can’t believe you wake up next to that person. 

Sounds great right? 

You can feel it, you know it's meant for you... this is the life you suppose to be living!


The problem is that on the surface your life looks great but inside, you feel like there’s something missing. You might even experience inner restlessness. Or frustration.

And, it’s not easy to talk about it because people expect you to be strong.


You read all available self-development books, tried traditional therapy, expensive coaching…


Theoretically, you know what to do to overcome it.


But somehow you just can’t. 


So instead, you overgive, put others in the first place, and push yourself to do even more until you’re so exhausted and you


….drink that extra glass of wine. Or two, even three. (it’s the only moment you can forget for a moment)

Sometimes you think a higher power over you is not letting you do the necessary work, and as a result, you become completely disconnected from yourself.

I hear you!

By the end of this program, you'll...

be The CEO of your time and life


Not just understand, but get rid of blockages you have from childhood/teenage years once forever


Stop repeating toxic patterns, learn how to higher your standards so you become energetic matche for safe and mature soulmate


Heal generational traumas so you'll crave

to spend Christmas with family.


Feel so confident in your capabilities to start a dream business without any



Uncover your big passion, desire, and what's important, your purpose in life.


Gain the courage to leave the 9-5 jobs you can't stand or ask for the raise you deserve


Hi, I; am Natalia

Subconscious Expert, Life Coach, Certified Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and creator of my signature 4-step method FAST.


I believe that successful women who strive for more in life and want to “have it all” like you deserve to be seen, respected, and loved as never before — not because of how they look or what they achieved, but for who they are.

They deserve to leave that heaviness in the past, become lighter, and start climbing the stairs to their best life higher and higher WITHOUT spending years in therapy or being worried ‘about what society expects from them’

During the search for my path and healing journey over the last 15 years, I have discovered one truth:


Everything in life flows when we love, accept, and APPROVE of ourselves as we are.

My big AHA moment came during the training with one of the most awarded women in the field, Marisa Peer.


I became a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and my life changed.


But, over the years I was on autopilot. I wasn’t living the life I dreamed about.


Yet, I was feeling inside that I do deserve more:


  • The successful carrier so I am fulfilled and happy

  • A healthy, loving, full of passion relationship where I am seen, respected, and loved

  • That sexy, juicy bank account so I can travel around the world, and buy what I want without limiting myself

  • That sparkle in my eyes and a great strong body so I feel amazing about whom I am

Instead, I always agreed to less. I didn't ask for enough salary. I let the man treat me like a second option.


By giving more, I was unconsciously trying to control the results. And to prove that "I am good enough" I was seeking Perfectionism.


Eventually, the heartbreak was a breakthrough moment for me.


The pain led me inside and forced me to listen to my inner voice.


By going inside, I have found my Wild Self. I have finally unleashed my essence and freed myself from the past and become the Untamed Woman. I also understood that I was full of limiting beliefs and patterns which were running the show - my life. 


My mission is to help you let go of that heaviness from the past so you become lighter.


I open the door in front of you and show you the steps to take so you start climbing the stairs to your best life higher and higher


That's why I created my signature program.


The Success Express


An intimate LIVE group program for Successful Women who are ready to be not just Rich but Fulfilled and Confident Badass in their Private and Professional life


spending years in therapy

throwing away lots of money

feeling guilty for wanting more


Yes, you can keep doing the same and expect different results
but even Einstein said that this is insanity! So why would you wait even one day more if

The Success Express
is a proven roadmap to being successful from the inside out
by eliminating all blockages on your way
without spending years in therapy



So you finally

leave that 9-5 job you can't stand anymore

start that dream business or take the one you have to the next level and make multiple
6-figure years

buy that plane ticket and travel around the world or move to that city you always dreamt about

attract that mature soulmate who makes you feel seen, valued, and loved as never before

do all the things that scared you before but now you have an unshakeable confidence and trust that yes this will work out for you 

as my client did...


"I feel I am on fire and super motivated"

“I am super motivated for work, I wake up excited to learn new things and add more projects to my portfolio. If I compare myself to before the therapy I feel now that being motivated and happy is not such an effort as it was before. So far it did not happen that I would snap into a bad or depressed mode. Today in the morning I was sitting on the terrace getting some sun and drinking coffee and I felt I would cry from happiness. That for sure never happened before. I also feel that I trust life, I believe everything will turn out great and that good things are waiting for me. I feel like I am myself again. I feel like I am coming back home and have more clarity about who I am and what I want - I had these moments in the past - when I felt I am on top of the world but something external had to happen that felt like that, today I feel something happened inside me and that I can do anything.”


UX Designer

This is possible for you too!

Let’s slow down and go deeper into details that are standing in your way to becoming not just RICH, but FULFILLED and CONFIDENT women with a clear vision for her future:

You might be thinking but Natalia, "I've already tried EVERYTHING: the endless research, reading all best-selling “self-help” books, and even spending months or years on conventional therapy, expensive coaching..." and after everything you've done to finally “ feel good about yourself” you feel stuck. So you’re feeling resigned, and you don't trust that something else can help you.

Or perhaps you are so busy putting everyone and everything first that you’re not sure how you’re ever going to find the time to heal yourself and do the necessary work.

Or you are afraid of investing in yourself because there are so many urgent expenses (read I am not that important).

Or you might be doubting whether group coaching can provide the transformation you were seeking for so long, as you said you have tried everything and you already know everything theoretically.

Or you are afraid of what you will discover during the process of going deeper into your mind. If there is some scary stuff you probably wish to forget forever. 



Not sure if "The Success Express" is for you, or have questions?

I can try to convince you but 

let's see what my clients say

"The feeling is free and amazing"

“If I would need to describe the experience in one sentence: You carry that heavy rock on your back and it becomes harder to go up the ladder... after the session with Natalia you just leave that rock in the past, you become lighter, and start climbing those stairs higher and higher. I have never tried hypnotherapy before, but after experiencing it with Natalia it is a very calming, relaxed, vulnerable, and beautiful emotional stage that gives you answers to the questions you have been searching for, for a long time."


Creative Designer, 34


Ready to join

The Success Express

and leave any heaviness in the past, become lighter, and start climbing the stairs to your best life higher and higher


Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 22.13.19 - Tereza Szabova.png

here add Ania Zbyszewsla video plus story

On June

we'll kick things off with...

Set Yourself Up
for Success -

Because I like to start BIG!


On Jun 21 The Success Express Atelier officially begins!

We'll kick things off with a visionary workshop led by Natalia. This is where we will set you up for big success, and set intentions, make measurable & meaningful goals, and set a roadmap for the next 12 weeks.

Here is what you'll get...

-> Weekly group coaching call with Natalia (during 12 weeks) (2h each)

-> 1:1 Phenomenal Hypnotherapy sessions with Natalia (2h)

-> Support in the members-only Facebook group (6 months)

-> Lifetime access to the course and all updates 

-> The Journaling Notebook full of exercises & tools


-> Access to all Hypno-recordings and meditations to support your journey (Set Yourself Up for Success, Healing Vortex, I am a Badass, Perfect sleep, and much more)

-> Access to Pre-recorded Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and Breath-work practice sessions with a special guest 

-> Access to Pre-recorded Masterclass - Abundant AF - Allow Yourself to Receive More 

-> Access to Pre-recorded Feminine Energy Workshop

and a very special Bonus (check below)



SAVING 221 €




*** Different payment plan option also available, please book a call to discuss

and because I love to give more

here are Special BONUS trainings

That's right - in addition to the weekly coaching calls, 1:1 sessions, and daily support, you'll also get bonus live group hypnosis about Money Blocks, and Unlocking your Life purpose.

Plus, you’ll receive access to Ying Yoga, and Breathwork classes. Also, you'll get access to all Hypno-recordings, and meditations to support your journey. Plus, 2h of Masterclass - Abundant AF - Allow Yourself to Receive More, and Feminine Energy workshop. You'll have access to this training (and ALL calls during The Success Express) forever.


A special BONUS! A 1,5h Live Group Hypnosis Session where I'll guide you to a deep level where you can uncover limiting beliefs around money and abundance in your life. You'll also receive a personalized audio recording to listen to after the group session to reprogram your mind for never-ending prosperity.




A special BONUS! A 1,5h Live Group Hypnosis Session where I'll guide you to a deep level where you can uncover what is that one thing you always loved to do and what's your mission in life. You'll also receive a personalized audio recording to listen to after the group session to reprogram your mind, so you can become that person you came here to be.

What Others Say About Natalia

The results speak for themselves


I’ve let go of playing small (and now do fb lives with confidence!)

"Natalia's session was amazing. She got to a very deep belief in the first session of playing small not fully daring to show up online and the next day after the session I have already started doing lives and I felt great (instead of being a bit scared)"


Breath Expert, 42

Put Yourself FIRST and Book a
Decision Call NOW!

If you have questions about what "The Success Express" can bring to you, we are here to help!

but Natalia I'm not sure if I want to open up so much in front of others... like I need someone to grab my hand and led me through the stairs to that life I suppose to be living now!  ​


I hear you!


I want you to feel comfortable and supported through that beautiful, healing journey.

The group of women I work with is very exclusive, so I can give my attention to each of you.


​I know it sounds scary from the beginning to do that work in the group, but believe me, it's even better!


Our safe sisterhood is designed to help you become your best Self. You'll be cherished by amazing, brave, and unique women like you.

...but if you still think that you would prefer more personalized attention from my side.


​Your wish is my command!

That's why I created the possibility for you to work with me more closely.


I would love to offer you my VIP option of The Success Express Atelier where you will have 3 x 1:1 sessions with me and 24/7 access to me during the 6 months of the program and of course, all that is included in the Basic option of the program.

introducing VIP

Here is what you'll get if you invest in VIP

-> Weekly group coaching call with Natalia (during 6 months) (2h each)

-> 3 x 1:1 Phenomenal Hypnotherapy sessions with Natalia (2h each), and my support 24/7

-> Support in the members-only Facebook group (6 months)

-> Lifetime access to the course and all updates 

-> The Journaling workbook full of exercises & tool


-> Access to all Hypno-recordings and meditations to support your journey (Set Yourself Up for Success, Healing Vortex, I am a Badass, Perfect Sleep, and much more)

-> Access to Pre-recorded Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and Breath-work practice sessions with a special guest 

-> Access to Pre-recorded Masterclass - Abundant AF - Allow Yourself to Receive More 

-> Access to Pre-recorded Feminine Energy Workshop

and both Live Group Hypnosis sessions with Natalia



SAVING 249 €




*** Different paymentplan option also available, please book a call to discuss

Do you have more questions about VIP "The Success Express"?

Excited? Let's dive deep into The Success Express

By the end of our Atelier you will 

be The CEO of your time and life

1. Clearing the story of the past

2. Embracing the power of the present

3. Overcoming the fear of the future

Module I

Clearing the Story of the Past


WEEK 1: Healing  the past that is still keeping you stuck in your “content” life.

It can be your family's wounds - because healing the generational traumas starts with you.

This is your job and responsibility to break through that family “bullshit” pattern, and beliefs and be 100% sure that it never gets passed down to the next generation (I am talking about your kids). 

WEEK 2: Uncovering the root cause of lack of self-esteem, and that never-ending "I am not good enough". 


Old wounds healing is the most important part of The Success Express because healing your rooted traumas, and patterns allow you to leave behind the internal jail of guilt and sadness and become the person you are meant to be.

WEEK 3: Breaking free from old patterns by working with your "demons" (based on ancient technique)

Healing is not a linear process; with the traditional approach, we tend to "cure symptoms" not the actual root cause. With my technique, we will go so deep that there is no way for the old pattern to come back. Instead of pushing harder, we will nourish it.

WEEK 4: Work with Inner Girl and Forgiveness

There is never too late to have a loving childhood. This week we will work with your "inner girl" to make sure she feels safe and happy. It's time when you realize the past and start to write a new story for yourself.


It's Bonus Time

  • Healing hypnosis recording "Healing Vortex" to release any tension and "junky" thoughts from your body.

  • Powerful and helpful Notebook with exercises for Module 1

  • Healing on a subconscious level - 1:1 with Natalia will have a 2h transformational hypnotherapy to go even deeper to find the root cause of the old underneath wound to heal and reprogram your mind for love, freedom, and abundance.

Module II


Let's start with BONUSES:

  • Phenomenal group hypnosis Unlock Your Purpose

You will become equipped to face your real purpose during the Success Express Journey. You will leave the fear and doubts behind and get into a state of clarity and inspiration. 

From that state, you will lead yourself to the next chapter of your life, where the life you live is truly yours. You will get crystal clear about your passions, desire, and what is that you would love to keep doing for the rest of your life.

So after the program, you start your dream business or make your 6-figure year.

  • Well-prepared Notebook so you can keep working on your deep feelings, and support your process of healing.

Embracing the Power of the Present


WEEK 5: Who are you now? And what do you want?

It's time to get crystal clear on your vision. As a "New You" you'll start to write the story of your life. You will become a co-creator of your present existence. You will learn the tools to identify what you want, believe in, and wish to experience. 

WEEK 6: Why you should have it? Building the muscle of self-love, self-approval 


No more criticizing yourself. Become Your Best Friend in the process by taking control over your inner critical voice and being a gentle observer of your own mind. 

WEEK 7: Awakening the Queen within

Queen's energy is the core of magnetism.


Queen's energy is a manifestation of radiance, confidence, never-ending prosperity, and unshakeable self-worth. I'll help you embody that unique energy and power within you and make it a natural part of your being so there is nothing impossible for you.


I will teach you how to live and create in that energy, respond from that energy, and lead with that energy so other people don't ever question what's appropriate around you.


How to always get what you desire by doing less and trusting more.

WEEK 8: Making decisions like Michele Obama - self-trust

Under the guidance of Natalia, you will learn how to listen to yourself and guide yourself to the place you wish to be. I will lead you inside where you will find peace and all the answers you are looking for.  because all the answers are within you

This is where you become your own best ally that is certain about your goals and desires and knows how to navigate through times of uncertainty. This is where you finally start to trust yourself


Module III

Overcoming the Fear of the Future


WEEK 9: Meet your Future self.


We'll describe your new identity and embrace your uniqueness of being not just Rich but Fulfilled and Confident woman so you say no with ease, put your standards high, and set boundaries in all kinds of relationships without saying a word. (goodbye people pleasing)

WEEK 10: Become BFF with money and live in a place of abundance.

In this week we'll focus on building your muscle of strong self-worth, one of the most essential things in regards the money freedom. Receiving more in life is directly connected with feeling worthy of having more.

WEEK 11: Co-creating the life from your wildest dreams - Manifestation ABC

We'll reveal a proven formula to attract all you desire with 9 simple steps to follow. 

WEEK 12: Acting as if you’re the Rich, Fulfilled, and Confident badass who is CEO of her time, life, and money.

Embracing that new version of yourself according to your new identity. You'll upgrade from 1.0 to 3.0 and you'll leave the program with hands full of tools to continue your journey in becoming a better and better version of yourself every day.


Good job! Now I'll give you some peace, relaxation, and balance. Here it goes a BONUS for week three:

  • Relaxation and PERFECT SLEEP - personalized hypnosis recording, so after a long, productive day you can spend some time inside your temple.

  • 1:1 Session with Natalia

Let''s Recap 


VIP Plan

12-WEEK Live The Success Express Group Coaching 

6-MONTH of Support In The Members-Only Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to the Course and All Updates

The 12-WEEK Journey Notebook 

Pre-recorded YIN Yoga practice session with special guest 1h (97 EUR value)

Phenomenal Hypno-recording SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS (97 EUR value)

Phenomenal Hypno-recording to boost your confidence - I AM A WALKING BADASS (99 EUR value)


Phenomenal Hypno-recording to heal your body and release tensions - HEALING VORTEX (97 EUR value)


Phenomenal Hypno-recording to dive into the dreams of Orpheus - PERFECT SLEEP (97 EUR value)

Group hypnosis session with Natalia - AWAKEN ABUNDANT BADASS 1,5 h (999 EUR value)

Group hypnosis session with Natalia - UNLOCK YOUR PURPOSE 1,5h (999 EUR value) 

1:1 Phenomenal & Life-changing Hypnotherapy session with Natalia (each 2h)

24/7 access and support from Natalia



Not sure which plan to choose for "The Success Express" or have questions?


Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Natalia

I'm a Subconscious Expert, Self-love Coach, Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.


I have helped so many Successful Women and Femprenuers to leave that heaviness in the past, become lighter, and start climbing the stairs to their best life higher and higher without spending years in therapy or being worried ‘about what society expects from you'.


Here Is what I believe to be true:

  • LOVING the Self is a key and the basis for success in all areas of life

  • we all deserve to have FREEDOM to choose whatever we feel is in our best 

  • we're worthy of being ABUNDANT simply because we're

  • and Yes, I believe we can HAVE IT ALL in life: a gorgeous, healthy body, a full-filled carrier, a loving relationship, and a sexy, juicy bank account!

​My mission is to lead you in the pack, be that magnifying glass to your inner self, to help you reach the deepest possible layers of yourself.


Help you look from the inside out, accept yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself.


Assist in your process of awakening to your true nature which is the source of compassion and true love.

Because I know that by changing your story we both influence the change of the entire World ♡

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 14.17.56.png

The session was much better than I thought it was going to be.

" Natalia took the time to understand the issue first, so when we started the session she knew exactly the way to tackle it - she helped me to change my perspective of life, so I can stop the negative thoughts that only bring anxiety.


After the session, she checked in on how I'm feeling and the progress I am making. I'm very happy with the outcome. It helped me understand the reason behind my anxiety and it gave me tools to relax my brain and my thoughts."


Events Manager, 33

Just a few more Success Stories

I feel more empowered, and calmer. I can look forward to a future without fear.

"I wanted to let go of the trauma around giving birth to my daughter. I felt that I didn’t deserve to have a natural birth and I wasn’t in control of how my daughter came into the world.

Natalia’s session enabled me to realize the root cause of my sadness and frustration around my birth experience. Since our session, I feel more empowered about my birth story and feel so proud to share it with others. I am feeling calmer and can look forward to a future pregnancy without fear.

Working with Natalia I felt very supported, listened to, and cared for.

Thank you so much."


Therapist, 34

2C297E9C-343A-4CFA-A4C0-FBC7C80EFD64 - Alice Herisson.jpeg
251614651_4523794794380420_8572265232687374674_n - Zorana Banjac.jpg

I feel so confident, have a clear mind, and finally, I could set healthy boundaries in my relationship.

"I was struggling in my relationship, feeling unloved. The session with Natalia helped me remember how lovable I am, that I am good enough, and that I am worthy of the love I so unconditionally give to others. I felt more confident, had a clear mind, and could set healthy boundaries in my relationship. It was a lovely, pleasant session. I felt comfortable opening up. Natalia truly is a professional!"


Therapist, 34

It’s time to STOP playing Small and start to

Live like The World is Your Oyster

Don't know how to do it? No worries, I'll guide you how!

With the powerful tools, I share inside
The Success Express, I’ve been able to:

Become my BFF (no joking), I freed myself from this huge burden of NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH.

Freed myself from the toxic patterns in my relationship, by letting go of the past. 

Transform my mindset from scarcity to abundance which helped me to invest big money in myself without thinking twice.

Leave the 9-5 job by embracing the fear of the unknown and transforming it in curiosity so I can work and enjoy the sun in Mexico at the same time ;)

Find my purpose, the one thing I want to dedicate my life to and serve the best I can  which is guiding and helping


What’s better than my success? Of course the success of my clients. In case you’re wondering,

Can really opening your heart and healing your past in 12 weeks change the end of your life story?

The answer is YES!

Many women have already done a phenomenal job by trusting me and my process.

They healed generational traumas and now are craving to spend Christmas with family.


They stopped repeating toxic patterns, they allowed themselves to feel. They unlearnt what others thought them to be, to learn to from the beginning of who they are.

They uncover their big passion, desire, and what's important, their purpose in life.


Now, they are 'las dueñas' of their own life and time!


The women who graduate from this program leave the 9-5 jobs they hate.


They start that dream business even though everyone is telling them this is a bad idea.


They build successful careers and ask for raises.

And of course, they become energetic matches for safe and mature soulmates!

All, because they recreate themselves in a conscious way. Build a strong foundation of self-love and unshakeable confidence. Now they feel complete and loved as ever before.

The Success Express Is Your Shortcut to Life from Your Wildest Dreams!


That’s because I've shared with them all my experience and knowledge of how to do it FAST, so they do not have to waste so many years and money as I did :)

The Success Express

is the A to Z shortcut for successful life from the inside out
 without spending years in therapy.

Do you have a question?

I have an answer!

Your Future Is in Your Hands

Imagine one more time...

6 months from now!

Last call with your team about some details before you leave - everything is going great!


​Your plane ticket in your hand (of course first class), the luggage packed... the last glance in the mirror before leaving for your well-deserved vacation in the Maldives ;)


You look so beautiful, your eyes are sparkly, your skin is glowing... and that 'hottie' grabbing your hand and giving you a quick kiss on your forehead like it would be the most natural thing in the world.


You smile, You shine. You glow!


Need a help or have a question?

Send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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