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3 Things About Life I Wish Someone Told Me When I was 17.

I haven’t told a lot of people this….

When I was 17 something happened in my life, and I shout myself out.

When I was 31 old wounds came up like hot lava.

As a 17-years old girl, instead of feeling the pain because of what happened, I closed myself unconsciously.

I built a thick shell around my heart.

I didn’t know how to handle that teenage life I had, and most importantly, I didn’t have someone to talk to, whom I trusted, who knew what I was going through…

Yes, I had my mom or girlfriends, but in the time and place I grew up we didn’t talk like that…

As I was the older sister I never had one or someone who would just hug me so tidily and say: "It's gonna be just fine", that my life it’s gonna be OK, and that I can create the life I want, not the one they want.

I guess I wish to have someone who could guide me through some shi* in my life because they already have been there and could share with me their story for how they handled…

#1 not knowing what they want from life and not having all figure it out before certain age

#2 not following the societal checkbox list and timelines (getting married by 25, having kids before 30s, owning an apartment, mortgage, car, vacations once a year…). Having a great career and everything sorted out before 30 etc

#3 and the most important thing is that love starts within us and requires daily practice, and it’s a damn hard thing

Not just telling cheesy stuff as: “you have to love yourself first, bla bla bla"

I believe I would love to hear strong facts, examples, and real stories.

That the best way to live your life is to live it as your heart desires to, not how they tell you to do it.

Not by feeding your mind with stuff like “oh this is forever”, “one and only”, “don’t do it”, “by this age you should already be X, have X, and do X, etc. - now I know EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY in life! Bad and good things.

But, it’s a beautiful thing to fall in love many times!

Over and over.

Especially with yourself.

In different cities, countries and definitely with different and interesting people, but believe me or not, falling in love with yourself is the most interesting, releasing and outstanding thing!!!

And for whatever reason, I have now become that type of woman (took me a while, I know)

I am very sensitive from nature, but was playing tough whole my life.

What I want is, to be honest af, unfortunately, what I was doing was hiding. I wore masks most of the time in my life, but I am done now.

It’s not easy and def it’s damn emotional to go against the grain, to show me, but also I know I have to, I rebel. It doesn’t mean I am not questioning it and myself. I do, every day…

I guess what I am trying to say is I wish I had someone, back days when I was that teenage girl, who could show me all this, open the door in front of me, so I can step in with clarity in my mind, peace in my heart and confidence in myself, someone who just says: “hey, you don’t know what to do, take some break, go travel, find that thing and come back”, or “hey, you are stronger than you think, do not allow anyone to take your power from you”.

I want to share my journey in life and how I started to love myself as that’s been a bit unorthodox, in hopes that other women can relate

that was the very first reason I started writing my blog and why I decided to become a therapist.

To me, it’s a lot more than “writing some girly stuff” or “some girls talking bullsh*t”

It’s my mission, my happiness, my thing.

My work is a homage to women no matter what age, to courageously like a she-wolf walk the path of knowledge, in the deepest and dark areas of themselves, and thus create life from their wildest dreams ignoring society timelines! Be authentic, not Perfect. Breathes Confidence, cause they know their essence, they know who they are.

Working with amazing, brave women gives my life a whole different meaning, it makes my heart smile.

If you are ready to take your life into your hands and finally change it, I am here to open the door in front of you, I am here to show you the way.

Ready to uncover Your Wild Side? Become the Untamed Queen who is so self-assured about what steps to take next. Who is never needy or seeking external approval? Who knows her worth, who is ready to leave that toxic and unfilled relationship, that 9-5 job she hates, and start that new business?

I invite you to book a FREE Clarity call with me on how I can help you to become one. Book a Free call now.


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