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I'll teach you how to be, feel and act like the most confident woman in the room that goes way beyond traditional self-love.


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Hey love, I am Natalia

Subconscious Expert, Life Coach, Certified RTT and hypnotherapist, and author of the Loupa of N blog and Master Stress through Yoga eBook. 


She helps sensitive, creative, and freedom-driven women who want to heal their past, live happily in the present and create a successful future and have it "all" without spending years in therapy.

Her approach prioritizes finding the root cause for what’s holding you back, healing old wounds, and reprogramming your mind. She takes her clients from self-abandonment to self-love.

As the visionary creator of The Coming Home Method, she deeply understands how it feels when you can’t move forward with your life.

When the only thing you know is perfectionism and people-pleasing. When you reach for another glass of wine to fill the big hole inside that whispers “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve to have it all.” She believes that lack of self-love is the main reason for health issues, romantic issues, career issues, and every issue in between.

She knows that by working from the inside out, we’re able to heal ourselves. By understanding our old wounds we’re able to recode the mind and fill ourselves with unconditional love: The basis for success in all areas of life.

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Become The Most Confident Woman

In Less than 15' daily

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Transform With Me

Are you a High-achieving, Highly-sensitive woman driven by Freedom who is craving to be, feel and act like the most confident woman in the room? Let's see what's possible for you.

With hundreds of success stories I see outstanding transformations every day, and I have to say there is no better job in the World than this one.


I am helping women who are not happy with "normal life" and being domestic as society wants us to be to, uncover their true selves and fulfilled themselves with unconditional love so that they finally can BE, FEEL, and ACT like the most CONFIDENT women in the room, like the woman who not just knows that but, deeply FEELS, that she is MORE than enough and worthy of the life from her wildest dreams being surrender with loving, like-minded people

Personal session


1-on-1 programe

Coming Home 
The Path to the Roots Of Feminine Power Within

A 1-on-1 program that takes you way deeper than traditional therapy. By working with the subconscious mind we will uncover the root cause of the lack of high self-esteem which is keeping you stuck and holding you back from becoming that woman who lights up the room with her confidence from a place of strong belief that she is "MORE THAN ENOUGH"


My group coaching programe

The Success Express

Self-love Journey

A Life-changing Live 6-Week Self-Love Journey to Open The Heart & Heal The Past to Live Life from a place of Clarity, Confidence & Abundance without spending years in therapy.


What Others Say About Natalia

The results speak for themselves



UX Designer, 36

“I feel I am on fire. I am super motivated for work, I wake up excited to learn new things, and add more projects to my portfolio. If I compare myself to before the therapy I feel now that being motivated and happy is not such an effort as it was before. So far it did not happen that I would snap into a bad or depressed mode. Today in the morning I was sitting on the terrace getting some sun and drinking coffee and I felt I would cry from happiness. That for sure never happened before. I also feel that I trust life, I believe everything will turn out great and that good things are waiting for me.”

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Hey, I am

with heart in Barcelona, but never-ending world explorer, my second name is Freedom and my mission is to help you to be, feel and act like the most f***ing confident woman in the world

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