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5 steps on how to liberate yourself from the past pain through work with your Inner Girl?

Are you feeling so bad, that you don't know who you are? In today's article, we will touch on a topic that is very important in everyone's life and I personally believe that it is a breakthrough. Namely, How to Regain Freedom by Working with the Inner Child, will present you with 5 ways to do it.


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Light the candle, prepare your favorite cup of tea or coffee, and explore these sweet reads from the blog.

From dishes on how to love yourself to inspiration on what therapy is best these days, lots of exercises, practical tips, as well as suggested reading, and a lot of joy, sadness, sometimes tears, maybe anger.... here you can be yourself. 

Correction, you even MUST be yourself. Here you learn to feel, and give vent to your emotions, all waiting for you... 



Hey love, I am Natalia

Subconscious Expert, Life Coach, Certified RTT and hypnotherapist, and author of the Loupa of N blog and Master Stress through Yoga eBook. 


I help Creative Womenpreneur Spirits driven by Freedom in a FAST way let go of the past, live in the present with a clear vision of the next steps, and create a successful future from a place of limitless abundance by leveling up and becoming the most confident and authentic woman you know!

My approach prioritizes finding the root cause of a lack of high self-esteem and what’s holding you back, healing old wounds, and reprogramming your mind. I take my clients from self-abandonment to unconditional self-love.

As the visionary creator of my signature 4 steps FAST method, I deeply understand how it feels when you can’t move forward with your life.

When the only thing you know is perfectionism and people-pleasing. When you reach for another glass of wine to fill the big hole inside that whispers “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve to have it all.” I believe that lack of self-love is the main reason for health issues, romantic issues, career issues, and every issue in between.

I know that by working from the inside out, we’re able to heal ourselves. By understanding our old wounds we’re able to recode the mind and fill ourselves with unconditional love: The basis for success in all areas of life.

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Our mission is to help you open your heart and accompany you on your journey, the one inward.

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with heart in Barcelona, but a never-ending world explorer, my second name is Freedom and my mission is to help you to be, feel and act like the most confident woman in the world.
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