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Hey, I'm Natalia

I open the door and show the steps to take to Creative Womenpenuers driven by Freedom how to be, feel, and act like the most Confident Badass on the Entire Planet so your own mother doesn't recognize you ;)


Before I was Natalia  Hypnotherapist, I was Natalia, a Multi passionate, Freedom-driven woman who felt stuck in her "mediocre" life.

In one year I lost a job, boyfriend… As if that weren't enough I had a very dangerous operation on my face due to a tumor. I was an unhappy, unfulfilled, completely frustrated woman.

I had 2 choices:

1. Stay in this not very fruitful situation and feel sorry for me

2. Take my life into my own hands and change it.


I have decided that I AM DONE. I have decided to take this unbelievably miserable, mediocre life into my own hands and make it successful.

Everything Started With a Thought


Constantly coming back thoughts to my mind: How can I change the course of my life? Who can I be? Should I go back to study psychology?

I was running circles in my head. I felt trapped and so frustrated with myself and my life.

On one still-cold day, I came across Marisa Peer on Instagram. I think within a week, I got to know who she was. I signed up for her free Masterclass on how to become a clinical hypnotherapist. When I was watching her talking, my body was shaking, I had goosebumps, it was like everything was saying YES to it! I wanted to be like her, I wanted to help others in an instant, I wanted to help people to free themselves from their problems, and their past. I wanted to provide them with a beautiful transformation. And so, less than a week later, I was a student of the non-conventional Rapid Transformational Therapy method.

SINCE MY LIFE HAS CHANGED 180%, I  have helped dozens of women around the world to uncover, understand and heal the root cause of the problems such as: eating disorders, unfulfilled relationships, money and carrier issues, and general life stuckness which always lead to one major thing - LACK OF SELF-LOVE.

It's with my own experience of healing the past by opening my heart and dealing with different issues of my clients I started to uncover that one thing which is the root cause of most people's issues - lack of self-love.

I had taken a huge leap, without the guarantee that this would work. Never anything before in my life feels so good, so right, so peaceful. Then I knew I am on the right path.

I felt I am tapping into my inner power and this pushed me to make a bold decision in my life such as investing a huge amount of money for me that day in becoming an excellent therapist learning from one of the best in the world because I believe when you do something do it on 100% or even more.


Why am I bringing this here is that I would love to offer you a shortcut on how to release your block, the limiting beliefs which are holding you back. I have spent so many years trying to become the person I am today. 


First, I did not understand anything, to numb my feelings I was drinking, partying, involving myself in toxic relationships, binge eating, low self-esteem, need of being perfect, having a perfect body, work, boyfriend,  etc. After a huge pain, I started traditional therapy, and after almost 3 years I have felt as if I am in the same place as I was when I had started. 


Only once I had discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy, and the power of hypnosis  I was able to peel away the beliefs that were keeping me from being the happy, free, successful woman I am today.


I have understood that all that stops me from my happy, dreamy life was hidden very deep in my subconscious mind.

I have discovered a very deep-rooted belief that:




I have started to peel away layers. 


My life today is unrecognizable. I am FREE in all aspects of this world. I left the unfulfilled 9-5 job, I am my own boss, and I work with wonderful women around the world. I feel so connected with who I am, I know what I want, I feel at peace building unbreakable confidence, and being on my way to financial freedom. It all happened rapidly, due to Rapid Transformational Therapy and deep self-love.

PICTURE IT NOW: You wake up in the morning feeling in peace, feeling amazing with who you are, having a crystal vision of how your life will look like, and what you want and with unshakable confidence within that you can do it! You can have it all in your life!

You're in the driver’s seat, my love! You are the creator of your life! So go and create the life in your wildest dreams.

If that does not convince you, I don’t know what else will! 


cith love,Natalia


  • Trained with Marisa Peer receiving an advanced certification in Hypnotherapy at the Hypnotism and RTT Training

  • Keeping learning as an associate of the RTT community

  • Studied Psychosomatic Regeneration at Academy of Physical Education in Cracow

  • Master in Marketing and Communication in Fashion at Instituto di Design in Barcelona


a few facts
about me

+ I can run 21,2km 

E17145A4-0AC1-49A8-8D28-C7821E78626B 2.JPG

+ I was born in Poland, lived in 6 different countries, and visited 23 countries around the World, and this is just a beginning 

+ Barcelona was my home for the last 8 years, and part of my heart it will always be here


How all this started...

One day, I had a dream, and I saw a strong light. I found the bonfire in the middle of a cold forest… I found my guide - the she-wolf led me to this warm place, and when I looked up I saw the sky full of shining stars - those stars were all the opportunities that were presented to me.

At that moment I decided to dedicate my life to helping creative, spirited, craving for success in life, women like you, to take you to the bonfire and help you look up where the sky's the limit. I have decided to be your guide on the journey to succeed in life by reconnecting with your Feminine Power Within.

From the beginning, I didn't know how, but deeply I knew I had my mission to complete. 

I have decided to start writing a blog, which I called loupa of N



Loupa is a homage to women no matter what age, to courageously like a she-wolf walk the path of knowledge, in the deepest areas of themselves, and thus create life from their wildest dreams.

It is a combination of 3 words and the ideas behind it.

Loup in French means wolf, this wild animal has always been close to my person, appearing in my dreams and arousing my interest.

The symbolism of the wolf is very rich and multidimensional. It is a creature in the world of wild animals that will do anything to avoid a fight. However, when the need arises, when he is forced to stop an opponent, or fate challenges him, he courageously stands up to fight.


The wolf symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, teacher, intuition, freedom, instinct, intelligence, the value of social ties, and pathfinder. The wolf is a teacher with the ability to self-discover and bring knowledge back to the community.


Lupa on the other hand is a she-wolf from Roman mythology, who raised and nurtured the founders of Rome, Romulus, and Rumus.


"They say was the immortal goddess of the Romans. Not only did she look after her brothers who were to find Rome, but she is also said to have trained other Roman heroes to be cunning and fearless in battle. This goddess is a wonderful reminder of the wolf's abilities: gentleness yet toughness of character. This legend is also a symbolic example of teaching to give all knowledge and resources to those who need it to succeed in the world."


LupaA magnifying glass (in Polish means), which is an optical instrument used for direct observation of small close objects. In the strict sense of the word, it is a focusing lens that gives at least three times magnification.

I invite you on a deep journey into yourself.

We, women, are the same as she-wolves, our nature is perseverance and loyalty, and we are endowed with high intuition, to which we must find a path. Brave.


I want loupa to be that alpha female who leads you in the pack, your magnifying glass to your inner self, to help you reach the deepest possible layers of yourself. A tool to help you look at yourself from the inside out, to finally accept yourself, love yourself, and believe in yourself.

Assist in your process of awakening to your true nature which is the source of compassion and true love.


By changing the story of one person, influence the change of the entire World


FREEDOM to choose whatever you feel is in your best 

LOVE as a key and the basis for success in all areas of life

ABUNDANCE over lack so we always decide on a place of having more than enough

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Hey, I am

with heart in Barcelona, but a never-ending world explorer, my second name is Freedom and my mission is to help you to be, feel and act like the most confident woman in the world.
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